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If you needed an attorney or you were involved in a lawsuit, would you hire the same lawyer that is representing the other party?  The answer is obviously not. This reasoning is the same for insurance claims. The insurance company’s representative seeks to represent their interest so as to minimize their losses to pay for your claim.  

As your public adjuster, Southland Public Adjusters only represents you and works directly for you. The goal of the public adjuster is to:

  • Ensure your rights as an insured is properly represented.
  • That your policy is fully reviewed for all coverages.
  • That loss of property is inventoried, valued and claimed for the maximum replacement or restoration value.
  • That the entire claims process is conducted expeditiously.

In addition to providing representation services, we also provide the following:

  • We review your insurance policy coverage including coverages and deductibles.
  • We evaluate your responsibility per your policy such as deductibles and reporting requirements.
  • We conduct an on-site property damage assessment.
  • We assess the loss of property damage.
  • We inventory your losses including personal effects such as furniture, appliances, clothing, etc.
  • We assess and determine the extent of your losses.
  • We determine the cost of replacement (versus your insurance company's depreciation method).
  • We advise you of your rights such as choosing your own public adjuster, contractors and rejecting any offers of settlement made by your insurance company.
  • We collect and document supporting data to structure your claim.
  • We prepare and submit a claim on your behalf to include all losses as well as any costs you will experience such as lodging, meals, clothing, laundry, traveling, etc.  
  • We prepare and submit on-going documentation for advance payment requests.
  • We assist you with the coordination and planning of restoration services.
  • We review and assess your total loss claim estimates.
  • We expedite the claims process on your behalf.
  • We negotiate and maximize your insurance loss recovery.

Southland Public Adjusters
settles your claim for more.

We know what to look for and what policy holders are entitled to receive.

This illustration represents a typical result when an insured files a claim without a public adjuster and recieves an Insurance Company Settlement Offer.

Southland Public Adjusters maximizes your settlement with an often a significant difference in your settlement.  We research your policy and the property damage scene, documenting and using actual replacement value cost estimates versus
insurance company depreciated value settlement offers.

Southland Public Adjusters
maximizes claim settlements on an average of 40% or more  over insurance company settlement offers.
Typical insurance company settlement offers are  low and do not cover all your restoration costs.
Insurance Company Settlement Offer without a Public Adjuster.
Settlement Offer with a Public Adjuster.
The graph displayed above is for illustrative purposes only.  Your actual results may vary.  Please contact Southland Public Adjusters at (951) 453-5827 for an objective consultation on your specific insurance policy claim. 


1. Assess & Advise

2.  Document & Prepare Claim

Southland Public Adjusters looks deep and wide into your claim. Whether your claim is from fire or water damage, we consider the whole picture.  We look beyond the surface of a damage claim.  We look underneath, below, behind, above and within the framing, walls, electrical, plumbing, flooring, fixtures and personal loss items such as clothes.  
Southland Public Adjusters validates your claim with documented proof of loss and value.  A key approach to value is that we estimate and seek the replacement value versus the insurance company's depreciated value approach.  We also consider other cost factors in restoring or replacing your property such as your lodging, meals and other expenses.

3.  Negotiate Settlement Offer

4.  Coordinate Restoration 

Southland Public Adjusters submits your carefully prepared and documented claim to your insurance company.  We diligently follow through to seek the maximum settlement that we submit on your behalf.  As our client, we represent your interest and not that of the insurance company.  
Southland Public Adjusters works with you to select the contractors of your choice.  You have the right to select your public adjuster and restoration team.  You have control in the approval of work and disbursements of payments to your contractors.